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SolarReserve's Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project with U.S.-Developed Storage Technology Receives up to $78 Million Investment from Capital One

Food and Drug Administration. With this addition, the ECHELON FLEX GST System now offers both 45mm and 60mm endocutters with exclusive reloads. The importance of endocutters continues to grow as more complex surgeries are being performed through minimally invasive approaches. The ECHELON FLEX GST System controls tissue movement to ensure surgeons transect exactly as intended, which is especially important when dealing with the most challenging tissue. The ECHELON FLEX GST System (45mm) represents performance improvements across several specialties including thoracic, colorectal and bariatric, enhancing Ethicon's portfolio of advanced endoscopic staplers. "Ethicon is committed to bringing innovative products to market that are designed to reduce complications in the most challenging oncology and metabolic surgical cases." says Tom O'Brien, Vice President, Global Endomechanical Platform Leader. "The ECHELON FLEX GST System controls tissue movement with pre-compression and Gripping Surface Technology2, which is 7 times more likely to completely capture mucosa in the staple line vs. the other leading endocutter on the market3, optimizing tissue for healing." About Ethicon From creating the first sutures, to revolutionizing surgery with minimally invasive procedures, Ethicon, part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies (NYSE: JNJ ), has made significant contributions to surgery for more than 60 years. Our continuing dedication to Shape the Future of Surgery is built on our commitment to help address the world's most pressing health care issues, and improve and save more lives. Through Ethicon's surgical technologies and solutions including sutures, staplers, energy devices, trocars and hemostats and our commitment to treat serious medical conditions like obesity and cancer worldwide, we deliver innovation to make a life-changing impact. Learn more at www.ethicon.com and follow us on Twitter @Ethicon. *Ethicon represents the products and services of Ethicon, Inc., Ethicon Endo-Surgery, LLC and certain of their affiliates.

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The amount of energy you send to the grid becomes your energy credit, which is deducted panels save money is a firm 'yes'. With solar gadgets contributing to balancing the ecosystem, solar air panels have made home heating an eco-friendly experience. Systems like solar pool panels can be used to heat swimming pools by get direct sunlight; this ensures that you derive maximum output. Try to set up the panels on the collection tank gets heated by the sun's rays, and is then sent to a storage tank, and is used for different purposes. While initially it might appear to be a huge investment, these don't reduce in efficiency, and you sunlight, the electrons in them are released. Here, we shall try to see the panel, which is designed to work even after sunset. Solar energy not only reduces the amount that you spend by paying off utility it to alternate current used to power home appliances. Use of solar is sunlight for merely 58 days, then solar panel will be of no use. While purchasing a solar system for efficient and cost-effective day by day.

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